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Tailgate Locations

We offer an attractive and organized tent layout and site plan that helps guests easily find their tailgate location. To create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that encourages human interaction, we consult with a professional community planner on the layout of each location. All of our guests receive a site-specific map that indicates their tailgate location for either a single game or the full season.  In Buffalo we offer two tailgate location options: Youth Football Field and The Tailgate Village in the Bus & Limo Lots.

Tailgate  Locations
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Catering & Beverage

Tailgate Guys partners with local food & beverage providers to offer a wide range of quality options. For sample menus from seasons prior, click the vendor logos below. For guests with 2021 season tailgate reservations, we will provide information and instructions for adding food & beverage to your tailgate later this summer. If you have any questions please contact us directly at (716)-982-8119 or bills@tailgateguys.com





Contact our Buffalo Bills Crew

Office: (716)-982-8119 | Email: bills@tailgateguys.com

Tailgate Guys

Buffalo Bills bills@tailgateguys.com

Introducing Rally

The Official Fan Shuttle of the Buffalo Bills


Tailgates just got even better. We’ve teamed up with Rally, the Official Fan Shuttle of the Buffalo Bills, to bring you an upgraded tailgate experience.


♦ Roundtrip rides to all TGG Tailgates with Rally 

♦ Option to buy individual passes to access Tailgate Village (bus lot)

♦ Forget the driving & avoid surge pricing

♦ Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) on board 

♦ Early bird pricing! Roundtrip rides start as low as $30

♦ Use code TGG for $5 off



Introducing Rally


How does the bus lot work?

Starting this year, buses will park on the northern end of the bus lot and Tailgate Village will be located on the southern end of the bus lot. Each individual bus will have its own reserved tailgating space and tailgate equipment.

When does the site open?

The Bus Lot and Tailgate Village open at 9am and our Tailgate Guys crew will handle your setup, trash and tear down. You need the Bills bus lot hang tag and bus lot permit for your dashboard that was sent to you after your purchase.

Can I tailgate during the game?

Tailgate Village closes at kickoff. You can still access your bus throughout the game, but please note there is no longer tailgating permitted around your bus per the Bills new policy.

Who can access tailgate village?

In order to enter Tailgate Village, all guests need to have a Tailgate Guys wristbands and Bills game ticket.

What can I bring into tailgate village?

You are able to bring items into Tailgate Village like tables, chairs, grills, food, beverages, and tailgating games. The only items prohibited are additional tents.

Can you help me carry my tailgating items?

To assist with carrying in these items, we will have bellhops on site with wagons to meet your group at your bus.

Do you offer catering?

We do offer catering packages and those can be purchased by contacting bills@tailgateguys.com. Please note these orders must be in by Monday at 5pm leading into an upcoming Sunday game.

Can I get additional wristbands for tailgate village?

If you need to add additional tailgate village wristbands, please email bills@tailgateguys.com.

Can you set up my personal equipment?

We will set up and maintain equipment owned and provided by Tailgate Guys. You are welcome to bring and personally set up your own permitted equipment that does not exceed the allocated space for the reserved tailgate spot. TG does not permit extra tents, deep fryers, pull-behind smokers/grill, open flames or loud generators.

When is payment due?

For full season guests, 50% is due at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due by August 1st. For individual game guests, full payment is due within seven days of the day of booking.

What is the cancellation policy?

For full season guests, in order to receive a full refund, the reservation must be canceled more than 21 days prior to the beginning of the season. For individual game guests, in order to receive a full refund, the reservation must be canceled more than 21 days prior to the game.

Can I advertise at my tailgate?

Banners and signage recognizing businesses, a political candidate or any other form of solicitation may not be displayed nor may promotional materials be distributed without prior approval by Tailgate Guys and the university. You are allowed to print your company name on the Tailgate Guys sign provided in your package, however no other corporate signage may be displayed while on site.

Are there sound limitations?

Yes, live music and excessive amplified sound are not permitted on the Tailgate Guys’ site.

Will Tailgate Guys clean up my tailgate after I leave?

For your convenience, we provide cleanup services following each game. Excessive trash in your areas could create additional fees for cleanup.

If I have a full season package and want a tv, do I have to get it for every game?

No, a TV package can be reserved for a full season or individual game. However, there are a limited number of Media Packages available for each game and are subject to sell out.

What is your rain policy?

If they play we stay. If severe weather conditions were to set in and TG is forced to cancel, all packages will receive a credit equal to half of the package balance paid towards a future game.


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