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#TailgateAnywhere for ANY Occasion.

Don't let the lack of BIG10 college football keep you from tailgating this fall.  Bring your friends and family together at your home to watch pro sports, celebrate a milestone, or simply host an open-air happy hour.  We can help with our new #TailgateAnywhere packages.  Select your at-home package and date of choice from the below options to start planning your at-home event OR CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

At Home Packages

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Tailgate Locations

We offer an attractive and organized tent layout and site plan that helps guests easily find their tailgate location. To create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that encourages human interaction, we consult with a professional community planner on the layout of each location. All of our guests receive a site-specific map that indicates their tailgate location for either a single game or the full season.

Tailgate  Locations
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Catering & Beverage

Tailgate Guys partners with local food & beverage providers to offer a wide range of quality options.  We're still finalizing 2020 catering options.  In the meantime, please click on the logos below to see a sample of menus from 2019.  We will provide information on 2020 options this Summer.  If you have any questions please contact us directly at (814) 933-4100 or 



Contact Our Penn State Crew

Office: (814) 933-4100 | Email:

Gary Nettles

General Manager

“Penn State's tailgating environment is an iconic part of the pageantry of game day in Happy Valley. We are excited to add a full service tailgating option for our fans through our partnership with Tailgate Guys."

Phil Esten

Former Penn State Deputy Director of Athletics


Where is the tailgate site located?

We are located directly adjacent to Little Jeffrey Field (the Penn State soccer field).

How does catering work?

All guests are welcome to use one of the preferred vendors, an outside vendor, or bring their own food. Tailgate Guys is only able to coordinate food delivery for the preferred vendors. All of the options can be seen under the catering tab of the website. All orders can be placed online, and are due by the end of the day the Tuesday before the game.

Can I leave my items at the tent during the game?

Yes. You may leave your items at your tent while you attend the game. We encourage you to gather everything and place under the tent in an organized manner to keep you belongings centralized. We will monitor the area during the game, however, Tailgate Guys is not responsible for any items left behind or misplaced.

Does a tailgate package come with a parking pass?

Only Full Season Varsity +, Full Season All-American, and Full Season Club Packages come with a parking pass. Full Season Varsity and all individual game packages do not come with a parking pass.

Does a tailgate package come with heaters?

We do not provide heaters but additional side walls can be reserved.

Where are the bathrooms located?

Portable Bathrooms are located all around the Little Jeffrey Field site.

Can Tailgate Guys’ bellhops transport my items back to my vehicle when I want to leave?

Absolutely! Your vehicle will just need to be in our designated drop off area, which will open up after the game. However It may take an hour or two for the traffic to clear after the game. Bigger games tend to take longer

Do you provide this service to other lots other than Little Jeffrey Field?

We only provide our services for guests on Little Jeffrey Field. This includes all catering services and Media Packages.

Are we responsible for our trash?

While we do encourage our guests to respect the environment, the tailgate, and their fellow neighbors, we will handle the trash clean up for everyone. There will be ample trash cans placed throughout the site that should assist in keeping the site clean and tidy.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverages?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and beverages. We will have bellhops on site who will help take your food, beverages and any other items from your car to your tailgate for you!


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