Terms and Conditions of Service

Tailgate Guys Terms and Conditions of Service

Tailgate Guys Terms of Use and Tailgate Site Terms and Conditions (June 2019)

This Tailgate Site and Services Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions set forth herein (collectively, this “Agreement”), are effective upon the day on which you agree hereto and apply to your purchase of products and services from Tailgate Guys, LLC (“TAILGATE GUYS”).  For simplicity herein, we refer to you (i.e., the person or entity purchasing the products or services from Tailgate Guys) as “CLIENT” and “CLIENT’S” or “you” and “your.” 

Tailgate Guys operates a business, which provides tailgating products and services that are designed to increase the quality of the tailgate experience and ease the burden on fans with regard to Game Day setup;

Client has or desires to reserve a tailgate spot and purchase certain products and services from TAILGATE GUYS, pursuant to the terms detailed in each of the agreements linked below.



PAYMENT. In consideration of the Tailgate Services to be provided by TAILGATE GUYS, CLIENT shall pay the invoiced amount set forth on the invoice made available to CLIENT (the “Package Price”). In order to reserve the Site for the entire season, CLIENT agrees to pay to TAILGATE GUYS a deposit equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Package Price immediately. The balance of the Package Price shall be due on the August 1 preceding the applicable football season. If the order is on or after August 1, the entire balance of the Package Price shall be immediately due and payable. If payment in full has not been received by fourteen days prior to the first home game date, TAILGATE GUYS reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and retain all sums previously paid to TAILGATE GUYS. If payment is made by credit card or ACH, TAILGATE GUYS may, but shall not be required to, automatically process the payment for any remainder of the Package Price at any time on or after August 1, and CLIENT hereby authorizes such charges. If CLIENT cancels this Agreement in writing more than twenty one (21) days before the start of the season, TAILGATE GUYS agrees to refund one hundred percent (100%) of the Package Price (or portion thereof that has been paid by CLIENT); provided, however, in order to reserve the Site for the selected home game, CLIENT agrees to pay to TAILGATE GUYS on hundred percent (100%) of total invoice, upon execution of this Agreement, all of which shall be non-refundable within twenty one (21) days of the date of the selected home game for a single game order or within twenty one (21) days of the date of the first home game for a full season order. Where CLIENT has made payment of the total reservation, or any portion thereof, by credit card, CLIENT shall be prohibited from disp


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