Tailgate Anywhere, Anytime This Fall!

Tailgate Anywhere, Anytime This Fall!

#TailgateAnywhere for Anything

Tailgate ANYWHERE and for ANY OCCASION this fall.  Tailgating is all about bringing people together.  Whether you're planning to watch the big game, celebrate a milestone, or simply want to bring friends together in a safe, open-air environment for a happy hour.  Our #TailgateAnywhere packages let you bring the tailgate to your backyard or driveway this fall! #TailgateAnywhere packages feature a 20x20' tent, lighting, tailgate chairs, tables, linens, cocktail tables, coolers, a personalized sign, sanitation kit, and options for a TV, catering, Bumpboxx Bluetooth speakers, and more! If you are located within 100 miles of one of the Tailgate Guys or PRE Events warehouses listed below, we'll bring the tailgate to you.

Tailgate Delivery Locations

Delivery is available within 100 miles of any of our 17 office locations: 

Auburn, AL • Atlanta, GA •  Tuscaloosa, AL • Birmingham, AL • Fort Collins, CO • Gainesville, FL • Miami, FL • Lawrence, KS • Lexington, KY • Ann Arbor, MI • Winston-Salem, NC • Columbus, OH • Oklahoma City, OK • State College, PA • Austin, TX • College Station, TX • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 

Tailgate Delivery Locations
food beverage

Catering & Beverage

Tailgate Guys partners with local food & beverage providers to offer a wide range of quality options.  We're excited to partner with Jason's Deli, Truly Hard Seltzers, and few others to provide food & beverage options for your #TailgateAnywhere gathering.  Once you reserve your tailgate you'll be able to login to your TailgateGuys.com account and add food & beverage to your reservation! 




When will my #TailgateAnywhere package be delivered?

Once you purchase a package our team will be in touch to arrange a time for delivery.

Can I only use my #TailgateAnywhere package on a college football weekend?

NO! #TailgateAnywhere packages are meant to bring people together to enjoy events (sporting or otherwise) in a safe and comfortable open-air environment. Whether you're watching college football, a PGA event, NFL, MLB, NBA, or even celebrating a birthday with friends is completely up to you!

How long will I have the set-up at my home or business?

We typically expect to have the equipment set-up at least 24-48 hours before your event and pick it up with 24-48 hours after, but our team will coordinate delivery and pick-up times based on the specific circumstances.

Do the 43" TV and lights come with a power source?

Our packages do not come with generators, so our team will need access to power from your home or business. If requested, our team can provide extension cords.

Can I use my home or business cable/satellite service with the TV package?

Yes! If you'd like to run cable or satellite service from your home or business out to the #TailgateAnywhere package and connect to the provided TV that is completely fine.

Does the Smart TV come with internet connectivity?

No. You will need to connect the smart TV to your home or business broadband connection and associated streaming accounts in order to stream any content.

How many guests can you host at your tailgate event?

Under normal circumstances, a package of this size could host 60+ guests, but we recommend following your local community and CDC guidelines related to group gatherings and wherever possible limiting your group to 25 or less.

How does catering and beverages work?

All guests are welcome to use one of the preferred vendors, an outside vendor, or make their own food. Tailgate Guys is only able to coordinate food and beverage delivery for the preferred vendors. All of the options can be seen under the catering tab once logged into your account.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your #TailgateAnywhere package 10 days in advance of the delivery date you are eligible for a full refund.


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