Service is at the core of all we do, and the fan experience is at the forefront of our approach to tailgating. That means setting our customers at ease, anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations. We know how grueling tailgating can be and we created Tailgate Guys to lighten fans’ burdens.

We focus on every detail—from perfectly aligning the tents to making sure that each cooler opens the right way. We reserve our guests’ parking spaces and meet them at their cars to help haul their stuff to the tailgate. We bring the highest level of care to our process, because we operate on a foundation of excellent service and attention to detail.

Tailgate Guys continues to set the standard in athletic event management, and that means our commitment to detail doesn’t end when football season concludes. We work year-round to ensure that come game day, all of the tents, tables, and chairs are ready to go. Our return customers hear from us in the Spring and have their plans for the upcoming season taken care of.

If you have a need or request you don’t see addressed here directly, contact us to get answers from a member of our staff.


We offer packages that can accommodate tailgates of almost any size. From a simple 10 x 10-foot tent with a table and chairs for a small family to an elaborate large-scale event with catering, beverages, and game day media—we can cover it all. Find details on the specific packages relevant to your campus on our locations page.

  • Tailgate Packages (groups of 10 - 2000 people)
  • Drop Off / Bellhop services
  • Options for Media & TV packages
  • Options for Catering
  • Options for Parking

Services vary according to location. For more details and package options, please choose a location.