We started with a pickup truck and two trailers in a backyard. That was the spring of 2009 in Auburn, Alabama. By fall we were hosting 53 groups every game day. Today, we host more than 300 groups at Auburn alone. Through hard work, determination, and attention to detail, we’ve seen Tailgate Guys expand across the region. From Austin to Atlanta to Gainesville, we’ve learned that where you find sports fans you also find plenty of room for quality service and old fashioned hospitality. 

Now we employ more than 100 staff members, offer our services to tens of thousands of fans, and—needless to say—have successfully moved out of Michael's backyard. As we grow and gain national recognition, our goal remains to deliver outstanding service, anticipate needs, and create settings where fans make their greatest memories.

Our Team

Our success depends on our team’s ability to work together seamlessly. That’s why we’re grateful for team members who diligently ensure that each guest has an unforgettable game day experience.

A team like no other

Our Partners

As our business has grown, we’ve learned how to work with each of our partners to provide the right services to that campus. We create a setting where tailgaters make great memories—even if their team doesn’t emerge as the winner. That’s because we understand that tailgating is about the people, and we ease the experience of set-up, maintenance, and tear down, so that fans can spend their time and energy enjoying their friends and family.

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Our History

Through a commitment to hard work, attention to detail, and collaboration, we’ve watched our company grow and expand year after year across the nation. From hosting 53 tailgate groups in 2009, we’ve since expanded our national footprint from Texas to Florida.

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