AUBURN, AL (April 10, 2017) Tailgate Guys, a company designed to provide turn-key and hassle free tailgating, announced their pick for the Chief Operations Officer position today.   Chip Howard, who currently serves as the Executive Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs at the University of Florida, will officially be joining the Tailgate Guys team starting in August.   

“Needless to say the impact of Chip leaving the UAA will be significant. […] Chip’s been invaluable in assisting with my transition to Florida, and I’ll miss him as both a colleague and a friend.” says Scott Stricklin, Athletic Director at the University of Florida.  

Howard’s current responsibilities include overseeing all capital improvement projects, Facilities and Operations, assisting with the management of the football program, and directly supervising the baseball program.   With his 28 years of experience in Gainesville, he will bring an instrumental set of skills to the Tailgate Guys’ operation as he will head up the all the internal processes and oversee the day to day operations. 

“Chip has a unique ability to align his team by creating a culture of commitment and character. We’ve observed this over the past five years as a partner of the University of Florida Athletics and we’re excited to welcome Chip and his family to the Tailgate Guys team.” says Parker Duffey, CEO of Tailgate Guys.  

“For over 25 years Chip Howard has been an invaluable part of the University of Florida Athletic Association. His finger prints are all over any success that has been achieved here during these 25 years. He is a relentless worker, a builder of outstanding culture, and was an incredible asset to this program during my tenure,” said Jeremy Foley, University of Florida Emeritus Athletic Director and Tailgate Guys Board of Advisors member.  “In my opinion Parker Duffey and the Tailgate Guys have hit an absolute home run by bringing Chip on board. He is good as they come.  As a professional for sure. As a person even more.”

Chip and his family will relocate to Tailgate Guys’ headquarters in Auburn, Alabama later this summer while Chip will officially join Tailgate Guys on August 1st.